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Hi. I'm Alfred Glossbrenner, president of FireCrystal Communications. I've been a professional writer for over 35 years, and in that time, my firm and I have helped hundreds of individuals and companies successfully fill a very wide range of communications needs. So, whether it's a ghostwritten book (written, produced, and delivered), a Web site, a video, a print ad, speech, or instruction manual, I'm pretty sure we can help you as well.

The key is being able to interview people to draw out of them what they want to say or what they know. That's how we hit the nail on the head project after project.

The topic doesn't matter. It can be anything from baseball (The Art of Hitting .300, written with Charley Lau, the late New York Yankees hitting coach) to hard disk drives to in-ground swimming whatever topic you'll be focusing on in your next seminar or workshop. (The medium doesn't matter either, as you'll see on our "Portfolio" page.)

When my wife and frequent co-author, Emily Glossbrenner, left IBM to join FireCrystal in 1990, she brought not only a strong editorial presence but also the skills of an extremely capable, detail-oriented production executive. Emily makes it possible for FireCrystal to take on just about any communications challenge you can imagine. Web sites, e-books, custom CDs, and high-quality paper-and-ink books are just a few of the production projects she has organized and managed superbly.

I'm way over the preferred length of an "elevator pitch," so let me close by saying that you have nothing to lose by contacting FireCrystal about your current communications needs. We can chat on the phone and see where things go. As I said, I'm pretty sure that Emily and I and FireCrystal can help, regardless of your goals. But if we can't, we will certainly tell you so and do our best to suggest some other firm or solution.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Alfred Glossbrenner

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